PDF Watermarking

About This Service

To protect your copyright or ownership of document content assets and promoting your brand, we will add custom watermarks with your preferred text and logo to your PDF documents.

We are able to add multiple watermarks to your PDF documents with various styles in terms of position, rotation degree, text color, and transparency to meet your requirement. 


In addition to the mentioned base services, we also provide extra optional services like compressing PDF files (for easy storage and transmitting) and faster delivery time, which could further add value to the selected service package and to your content assets as well.

Service Packages

We also accept custom order, please contact us via submitting your message to support@smartservicegigs.com

Why Choose Us

  1. We enjoy providing quality service to customers.

  2. We are here to build long term business.

  3. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

  4. We provide fast delivery of services.

  5. We provide responsive and friendly customer service.

Steps of Placing Order

You may place your order as per the following steps,

  1. Step 1: Check-out our service packages and the optional extra services shown in the service package table on this page.

  2. Step 2: Click the ‘Order Now’ button to proceed to Service Order Form.

  3. Step 3: In the Service Order Form, please select the option that covers the service package and extra services that best suit your requirements.

  4. Step 4: Provide all the required information as per the order form and upload the required image and logo files. Finally, please click the ‘Submit’ button to complete your order process. 

Work Samples