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How to Significantly Enhance The Protection of Your Watermark

By now, you should realize that watermarking is the best way to protect your ownership over your digital works like photos, videos, and PDF documents. If you simply place a watermark on your photos, videos, or PDF documents, it might not give you adequate protection over your digital works. For example, if your watermark placed at the edge of a photo as below, it can be easily removed via cropping the photo.

In this article, I would like to share with you that there are two techniques you can adopt to immediately improve your watermark protection.

Method 1

First, place your watermark at the prime area of your photo, video, or document. In general, we can divide the photo you want to protect into three main areas represented by three different colors; grey, yellow, and green as depicted below;

Placing a watermark in these areas provides you a different degree of protection over your photo. The grey area provides the least protection, the yellow area provides better protection, and the green area provides the best protection.

The grey area provides the least protection because the watermark can be easily cropped out due to its position near the edge of the photo.

The yellow area provides better protection because it is closer to the center area of the photo which generally does not allow easy crops to remove the watermark.

The green area offers the best protection in view of it is the core area of a photo which usually covers most details of a photo. So placing your watermark in this area will make your protection stronger. This will also make your watermark most visible which might irritate the viewer. To mitigate this issue, you may make your watermark transparent and adjust the watermark transparency deems fit.

Despite the above mentioned, placing a watermark in the grey area is still feasible provided you have a second watermark placed in the yellow or green area. You can consider making the watermark in the grey area more visible (intransparent) for the purpose of showcasing your brand whilst making the second watermark transparent to minimize the view interruption over the photo.

Method 2

Another way to improve your watermark protection is to ensure your watermark has sufficient coverage over a photo. In other words, your watermark should be large enough to cover the most important details of your photo.

The ideal size of a watermark is that it should cover at least approximately 25% of a photo. You may adjust it to suit your requirement. It is not an easy task to remove such a watermark which should be discouraged enough for those people who have the intention to steal it.


The above-mentioned techniques are applicable to watermarking of video and PDF documents as well. Try to apply the above methods simultaneously to your watermarking in order to get maximum protection over your digital works.

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