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The Pros and Cons of Watermarking

You might already know that watermarking allows you to protect your works via superimposing a text or logo, or both on them. There are numerous benefits that making watermarking worthwhile to be carried out on your digital works.

The Pros of Watermarking

The first one would be providing the first line of protection on your digital works. Photos, videos, or PDF documents that have single or multiple watermarks on them are less likely to be stolen as compared to those without one. This mainly because they are not in a ready-to-use condition, one has to do extra work to crop or delete it with the use of advanced photo or video editing software. This makes the watermarked works less appealing for potential online misuses.

It is essential to lay down this defense on your digital works given that you would not like to see your photos or videos being utilized for other people's selfish commercial purposes without your knowledge. This is equivalent to a robbery, what is being robbed is your precious time and effort that have been spent on your works.

The second benefit of watermarking is that it allows you have the valid ground to sue someone who has stolen your digital works and used them as his or her own. It is not uncommon that people simply steal others' photos or videos and present them under their own brand name.

If someone takes your work and watermark it before you do it with their own name or site, it will end up being tough for you to convince others that it is yours. No doubt, you can take legal action against these individuals but the process is normally costly and time-consuming, and sometimes difficult to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. Therefore, it is worthwhile to watermark your work first before it is showcased on your website, social media, or other platforms.

Having your videos or photos watermarked provides you a valid ground to bring your case to court in the event of discovering someone erased your watermark or utilized your works without your knowledge or approval. Thus, claiming right on the given piece of work will be reasonably easier and more effective.

Another benefit to note is that watermarking can serve as a marketing tool for your business. A watermark can be your personal name, company name, website name/address, and company, or website logo displayed in a fancy way. If anyone wants to try your services, they are able to contact or write to you with Google search based on your watermark details.

Sometimes a photo or video carries a specific meaningful message which the creator would like to deliver to his/her targeted audience. What if the piece of work is misused by others for their entertainment purpose without permission. This is especially frustrating when you have spent hours or even days of serious effort on the piece of work that meant to express something in particular.

The Cons of Watermarking

There are not many disadvantages regarding watermarking. The primary one would be it is additional work for you. It is certainly not difficult to do the watermarking which might take you a couple of minutes. However, the time and hassle of watermarking are subject to the number of photos or videos and the length of videos you are working on.

If you do not have the luxury of time to do the watermarking yourself or you simply just want to focus on the more important matters of your business, it is advisable to outsource your work to a watermarking service provider like to do it for you.

You have to aware that all your watermarked photos, videos, or PDF documents are still subject to the risk of being stolen and misused by others. This is mainly because a watermark can be removed with the usage of specialized editing software or just cropped a photo or video so that there is no watermark on it.

However, this is not an easy task which would discourage many people attempt to do it, especially if they have other easy victims (works without a watermark). The removal of the watermark via the mentioned methods is illegal and will provide you the solid ground for seeking justice in case it's needed.


In conclusion, watermarking is a bulletproof vest, it's not 100% preventing misuses in certain conditions but it is still required to serve as minimum protection on your photos, videos, and PDF documents. A positive step you can take is to try to improve your watermark protection, you may check out another article; "How to Enhance The Protection of Your Watermark".

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