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What is a watermark and what it can do for your business

In simple terms, a watermark is a text or logo superimposed onto a photo or video indicating who its owner is i.e. a photographer, a video producer, a website, or a company. The watermark normally comes with great deal of transparency.

So, it's still able to visualize its existence without preventing vision of the image or video that it protects. Watermarks are often used by the providers or traders of stock photography and stock video footage i.e. Shutterstock who care about the use of their digital works to protect their business interests.

Here are a couple of watermark samples:

More commonly people connect watermarking with authorizing the art works by well-known painters like Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Monet and many others, they merely authorized it via their signature only and this was their watermarking practice for many years. However, they really did not call it "a watermark", yet it aided them to resolve the trouble of what a watermark is intended for.

Let us take a closer look at what a watermark is, where we normally apply it, and also when it all began in the very first place.

The Story of Watermarking

The initial watermarking comes apparently from print which can be traced back to the 13th century. The watermarking was made by adjusting the thickness of a still-wet paper in a provided place to create a mark. Later on, it was made with damp steel or a dandy roll stamp that was utilized throughout the manufacturing of paper or with a cylindrical tube mould to accomplish the impact of the grayscale image.

Watermarks are best known for being utilized in authorizing banknotes, yet they are additionally regularly utilized in crucial documents like stamps as well as passports. It is generally utilized to avoid counterfeiting and also for identification functions

Use of watermarks in digital space

In digital space today, a semitransparent watermark can be superimposed onto a photo, video and even PDF document to prevent the misuse of the digital assets. It is common that for digital work creators like photographers, video producers, and graphic designers, to use watermark regularly as an online tool to sign their own pieces of work.

The watermark can be in the forms of a photographer's name written in an attractive font, or a icon, or both, it also can be an online business's name with a logo, anything that will certainly help visitors to discover contact or owner details.

What can you secure with a watermark?

Basically, the use of watermark would help digital work creators like photographers, video producers, graphic designers and etc, to protect their portfolio of works which had taken significant time and effort in producing them.

Using watermark in digital works, not only can cater for protection of digital assets but also to secure the potential opportunity of future business in view of the existing or new customers who are interested in your works is able to contact you via the watermark superimposed on a photo, video or PDF document.

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